Contract expiry details:

Please note that the last trading date for the following futures contracts Crude0i1M0, NGOM, GCOM & BrentOilON can be found in the table below:

Description Symbol Expiry Date
Crude Oil June Crude011M0 15/05/2020
Natural Gas June NGOM
Gold June GCOM
Brent Crude Oil July Brent0i1ON

If positions of the above Futures Contracts remain open upon the last trading date, they will be closed at the closing price of the contract.
Please find below the starting dates schedule for trading on the following new OTC futures contracts: CrudeOiINO, NGON, GCOQ & BrentOilOQ

Description Symbol Starting Date Expiry Date
Crude Oil June Crude011M0 04/05/2020 18/06/2020
Natural Gas June NGOM 24/06/2020
Gold June GCOM 29/07/2020
Brent Crude Oil July Brent0i1ON 29/06/2020

Notice — The above schedule is subject to change without further prior notice.

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