Forex trading offer some of the best risk reward oppertunities that can be found in the financial markets. As a huge electronic market the forex market places control in the hands of the investor in a fast, effective and modern way.

Why trade Forex? Traders find the market appealing because:

      1. Largest financial market in the world
      2. Open 24 hours a day, five days a week
      3. De-centralised, transparent market
      4. Deep liquidity
      5. 60+ actively traded currency pairs
      6. Simple to understand, simple to trade
      7. Profit from movement in either direction (long/short selling)
      8. Use leverage to maximise potential profits, with reduced outlay

      Reasons to trade Forex

      Due to the sheer size ($5.3 trillion traded daily) and a continuous advancement in technology, the Forex market is being accessed by more and more traders. This also makes it attractive and convenient for traders of all skill levels.

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