Metatrader 4

Liquidity MT4 Platform is Fully Customizable and is Designed to Give you an Edge in Trading


The trading platform can be downloaded from this The Liquidity website securely to your PC. Through the MT4 you will obtain fast, tight prices when trading Foreign Exchange (forex) and products based on Futures Contracts such as gold, silver, oil, commodities and indices. Along with tight spreads and low margin requirements, The Liquidity offer outstanding customer support, irrespective of the lot size traded.

The MT4 platform is well known for its diverse technical analysis facility and the ability to run Forex Robots.


Access the industry’s most popular trading platform on your iOS or Android devices, with full mobile functionality! Open and close your positions, monitor the markets in real-time, and conduct technical analysis with over 30 pre-packaged technical indicators—directly from your device!

MetaTrader 4 is available on your favorite mobile device. Use your iPhone to keep up to date with market information. Trade from your iPhone on the go.


Combine the power and flexibility of your Android device with the capabilities of your Android phone. Place and execute trades anywhere you are.



The MT4 system is downloadable so you can add it onto your desktop, providing a stable and secure environment for your trading.

Download for free today and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer in conjunction with the Liquidity MT4, Liquidity Instant or Liquidity Fixed Spread account.

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