Regional Office

Regional office

Liquidity partner offices operate around the world. Any Introducing Broker (IB) can also open a regional Liquidity office and rise to a new level of partnership, informing traders in his or her region about the company's services in the forex market and gaining the additional advantages of a partner office owner.

A regional Liquidity office is a profitable partnership option

Your advantages with The Liquidity

  •  Additional opportunities to sign up clients
  •  Increased partner reward.
  •  The best trading conditions from Liquidity are vital to successfully signing up clients.
  •  Direct contact with clients simplifies solving any problems.

You plan how the regional office will work

  •  Seminars for traders
  •  Client consultations: assist in opening an account, explain the advantages of forex trading at Liquidity, etc.
  •  Personal meetings and communication with clients
  •  Direct contact with clients simplifies solving any problems.

Liquidity will provide you with

     An office design

     Promotional material
  •  Consulting services
  •  Publication of information about your regional office on the company website.
  •  The best offices receive financial support

Application to open a regional office

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